Weekly Snorkeling and Swimming

Alhamdulilah we have found a beach that is virtually empty, very clean, and it's waters are clear as crystal. There are tens of species of fish and marine life that you can see and ponder over their creation.  

For those interested in fishing and have a license this is a great place to do that.  


The beach is located just near the Abu Dhabi Theater, passed Marina Mall, just next to the Heritage Village.  

Once you reach the Abu Dhabi Theater (the big domed building that you can see when you look towards Marina Mall form the Abu Dhabi side of the Corniche, next to the biggest Emirates flag), you park your car close to the vending machines. It is very important that you get out of your car as you will not see the beach from the street. You need to get passed the vending machines (selling juice and chocolate), and then you will see the beach.  

Please see the map bellow, and try to identify the major land marks circled in red. The beach is pinpointed with a purple pin.  


Snorkeling equipment is available in almost all sports stores, however we found the cheapest to be in Marina Mall in a store called STUDIO R (ask the reception or check the map in the mall to know where it is).  The brand is Speedo and it comes in a set with flippers, googles, and a breathing tube, all for about 100 Dirhams.